Alicia Falzon provides supervision for those working as family therapists, psychotherapists, religious and other helping professions. The practice of supervision enables the supervisee to think more deeply about their practice with the help of an experienced supervisor. It is an area in which both the supervisor and the supervisee work together to gain a broader perspective of the supervisees work and to enable personal and professional growth. 

Supervision is now compulsory for employees in most organisations. It is a standard requirement for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologist and religious to retain their memberships and practice. Its purpose is to enable the supervisee to review their work with clients, talk about struggles and to monitor self-care. In saying this each supervisee with present with different issues depending on where and with whom they work. 

It is also highly recommended for those working in the legal profession and medical profession. These professions can be very stressful and burnout prevalent. Supervision can support the supervisee in developing awareness, thoughtfulness and learning of the early signs of compassion fatigue. Better self-care denotes better care for clients and patients.