Individual Counselling

Counselling helps individuals gain more insight and clearer thinking into difficult situations and relationships in their lives.

Common issues individuals seek counselling for:

  • Grief and loss. This can be the loss of a relationship, friend or loved one.
  • Life cycle changes. Life is always changing and sometimes this can be challenging. Issues with children to teenagers, children leaving home or transiting into retirement, to name a few. 
  • Stress, anxiety and depression are very much a part of life. Counselling can help you gain emotional regulation. 
  • Relationship issues. Learn how to be less reactive and more thoughtful. 
  • The big three: children, sex and money


How I can help:

  • To build more satisfying relationships. This can be in your family, with your partner or work colleagues. 
  • Learn ways to be more thoughtful in stressful times and how to be less emotionally reactive. 
  • To build a stronger, more resilient self.