“A skilled, empathetic and pro-active counsellor”

Alicia is a skilled, empathetic and pro-active counsellor.

She is someone who listens well, is adept at reflecting back to you and teaches you relevant skills to help you face your life challenges.

I was affirmed in the gifts I possess and learnt some communication tools/skills that I hadn’t used previously. I felt validated and empowered to face the difficulties confronting me. What was most helpful was being reassured that my feelings and perceptions of situations were both valid and accurate.

Two of the key learnings from my sessions with Alicia are ‘What is the best I can be for today?’  and ‘What can I do to show I believe in myself while showing respect for those around me?’

I have conquered a very difficult workplace situation through the insights, skills and self-belief that Alicia has helped me to reclaim.

– Lisa